Tim Don – Processing

Tim Don, aka The Don needs no introduction. A three-time Olympian, World Champion with countless podium appearances around the globe. Tim is known for his devotion to the sport and staying on top of his game – and in the game – through mental resilience and adapting his mindset to remain focused. All these skills were put to the test when the 2020 season came to an abrupt halt in spring and Tim had to transition from training to homeschooling in a matter of days. 


Not knowing where and when his next race would be, Tim leaned on his coach and friends during the lockdown hiatus while he found himself questioning the pro-athlete life he’s been used to. That’s when the opportunity to compete almost on his doorstep came up when the 2020 Outlaw X triathlon date was confirmed.


Ahead of each race, Tim focuses on the process and being fully committed to getting the best out of his body and mind on the day. With races being cancelled at the eleventh hour, uncertainty and inability to set a clear training goal have become extremely challenging, with lockdown adding the extra pressure and forcing everyone to re-evaluate life as we know it. That’s a hell of a lot to process even for a pro triathlete like Tim. How to adapt the training, how to race safely with the new rules, how to stay committed and focused on the goal and what to do next with the uncertainty staying firmly around, not only in the professional sports world, but at the basic human level.



Follow the Legend as he prepares for his first race of 2020, Outlaw X triathlon, set against the backdrop of the magical grounds of Thoresby Park, Nottinghamshire, UK.

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