Jon Albon – Finding My Feet

Meet Jon Albon. Undefeated OCR World Champion, Trail Running World Champion, Ultra Skyrunning World Champion and two-times winner of Skyrunning World Series. It’s hard to believe that this accomplished athlete had to build his confidence from the ground up. In the new immersive documentary “Finding My Feet”, Jon reveals how initially he was very shy and not at all confident in his youth and was more comfortable to follow his siblings and their passions rather than making his own choices. It all changed when Jon met his Norwegian girlfriend and now wife, Henriette. As he reminisces, he had to get out of his comfort zone, “started seeing possibilities and say yes to things”. Meeting Henriette and literally following his heart was a starting point for Jon to discover his own path and potential.
Jon attempts to remain true to his experience driven lifestyle however had to take a break from training and racing to undergo a serious foot operation. “Running was now becoming this painful thing” says Jon and 2020 provided an opportunity to get the surgery done and allow time for recovery. Jon now looks to use his learnings on which training works best for him, to rebuild his strength and return to racing. Meanwhile Henriette takes the reins on the competitive racing side and Jon enjoys being her support crew. Getting out of the comfort zone isn’t easy. Experience first hand how Jon’s story, the seemingly small decisions and him opening up to possibilities can have a big impact and power to create a unique journey to doing what you love.

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