Darren Hardy – Perseverance

Darren Hardy, former soldier, endurance athlete, husband and father knows perseverance inside out. Having left the army and diagnosed with PTSD, Darren found himself at a crossroads, even contemplating taking his own life. One thing that kept him going was extreme ultra endurance events as a way of therapy. 


In October 2020, Darren took on his latest epic challenge of the Deca: 10 long distance triathlons in 10 days – and in 10 different locations in the UK. 

Main goal: raising funds (http://www.justgiving.com/darren-hardy7) for Help for Heroes where Darren found support in his time of need and raising awareness of how setting personal challenges can help build resilience and strength. 

Darren found a way to give back and make sure that other veterans going through similar struggles can get the support they need.


As the first day unfolds, doubt over the challenge emerges shedding a question mark over the whole adventure. Yet Darren’s perseverance prevails with the documentary following his gruelling attempt at Deca and a huge solitary physical and mental challenge on the one hand and a massive team effort on the other – with family, friends, charity and brand partners, nutritionists, physiotherapists supporting Darren along the way to reaching the London eye. 

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