Chasing Life

The clue is in the name “Extreme”, catch up with Mark on his journey from Canadaman to Fodaxman.

Mark and Caroline Livesey always race together. Either both turn up at a start line as they did for Canadaman/Woman Xtreme Triathlon in 2019, or one of them is racing while the other becomes a support crew.

Following Caroline’s victory at Canadaman XTRi, the accomplished triathletes spent a few extra days with friends in Canada, doing some light training and relaxing when Mark felt decidedly unwell and his condition got worse when they got on the plane to fly back home. Forced to go to a hospital, Mark was facing a tough diagnosis and his participation in another of the XTRi World Tour races, the 2019 Fodaxman Xtreme Triathlon in Brazil, one of the toughest endurance triathlon events on the planet, was hanging by a thread.

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