Birna. The Woman Who Swims In Ice

Icelandic ice swimmer Birna Hrönn ‘relaxes’ by entering the freezing lakes and seas of Iceland and swimming – without the use of a wetsuit – distances that would seem impossible to most ordinary mortals. We go on a road trip with Birna as she explores new places to swim and recounts her life, her love of the outdoors and her devotion to the sport of ice swimming. The film takes us through some of Iceland’s most scenic landscapes where we see Birna swimming past icebergs, entering ice cold stormy seas and taking a dip in serene frozen lakes.

A gold medallist at the 2019 International Ice Swimming Championships in Murmansk, Russia, Birna explains that it’s not the competitive aspect of her sport that drives her on but the enjoyment of taking part in ice swimming events and being a member of, what she describes as, her frozen community.

With comments by Ram Barkai, Chairman of the International Ice Swimming Association, on the effects of cold water immersion on the human body, and insights from Birna on how she prepares for her swims and deals with it’s after effects, the documentary is an eye opener to an extreme sport which is rapidly gaining in popularity worldwide.

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